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Goods that infringe on trademark rights are subject to confiscation by the Japan Customs and Tariff Bureau (CTB), which is an internal bureau of Japan’s Ministry of Finance. Japanese Design Law and Japanese Trademark Law makes it illegal for businesses/individuals to bring counterfeit products into Japan.The Japanese government is very strict regarding the products and items imported on its territory. We guaranteed authenticity in all items that we sell. 


Our primary mission is to redefine upscale resale and provide a trustworthy luxury shopping experience. A key component of this is to establish trust through authenticity. Our team of in-house experts is fully educated and equipped to examine all items we receive and determine their authenticity. We do a total of fourth layers of authentication.Products that fail any step of our authentication process will not be offered for sale at our store.

We only purchase our items from trustworthy, authorized suppliers or brand owners/distributors. 



*RedeluxuryYou (KiotoBrand) is not affiliated, associated, or officially connected with any of the brands mentioned or sold in this website.Trademarks and copyrights are reserved to the original brands.

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